politische Bildung”

Civics in the Hot Seat: Civic Education and Politische Bildung Under Pressure

16. Sep 2021

17:00 - 18:30 CEST


Civics and history education has received an enormous increase in attention recently from policy-makers, funders, and, to varying degrees, the general public in both Germany and the United States. Although the systems of and approaches to civic learning and politische Bildung may vary, similar societal challenges - racism and anti-Semitism, right-wing populism and extremism, political polarization, pervasiveness of conspiracy theories, and increasing mistrust of democracy itself - have led to increasing calls on civic education as a solution. Political controversy has accompanied these demands for more and better civic learning. The current, heated debates in the US over how to teach about race and the role of action civics in classrooms are an interesting point of comparison to right-wing populist and right-wing extremist pressures on teachers and non-formal education institutions in Germany.


In this panel conversation and interactive conversation, we will look to see how these debates are taking shape beyond our own national contexts by exploring:


  • What are the current political debates and pressures around civic and history education in the US and Germany?
  • How are individual actors and the field as a whole responding to these perils and possibilities?
  • How can civic learning professionals approach their work in light of these challenges and what can stakeholders do to support them?


We are lucky to have an expert panel joining us to offer their insights and experiences:


  • Dr. Helle Becker, Director, Transfer für Bildung e.V.
  • Saba-Nur Cheema, Director of Education, Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
  • Shawn Healy, PhD, Senior Director, Policy and Advocacy, CivXNow Coalition
  • Caroline Klibanoff, Managing Director, Made By Us


Event format: During the first hour of the event, we will hold a moderated panel with opportunity for audience Q&A. Afterward, during the last half hour, we will offer the opportunity to discuss your experience in small groups and network with a transatlantic group of colleagues.


Please RSVP to receive a link to join here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvdeqgqj0rHtU3wQ0i2cWzvpyIKhbk9KBr

If you have any questions, please contact Katja Greeson at greeson@adb.de.

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