politische Bildung”

Seminar: Take your chance – make your choice. Building democracy in European and Arab societies

4. Sep 2017 bis 14. Sep 2017

What do we mean when we talk about democracy? Do we have the same ideas, structures, values and visions in mind? How are our concepts of democracy influenced by the specific conditions of our culture, our history and our society? Which chances do we take when we strengthen democracy? Which choices do we make?

Young activists of civil society (from Germany, Poland and Lithuania, from Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan) will share their experiences and find answers to those questions. We will do so in four steps:

  1. Paths to democracy: Which paths to democracy did we take in each country? Which choices did we make and where are we at now? Participants will give accounts and updates on political development and personal involvement.
  2. Diversity in our societies: We have different groups, different religions, different political concepts, different visions of society. How do we handle diversity? We will visit NGOs, share best practice and use approaches on diversity as an indicator on democracy.
  3. Challenges and threats: Which challenges do we face? Which groups feel left behind? We will use simulation games and life action role plays (LARPs) to identify the issues and find solutions.
  4. Coherence and cooperation: How can we establish structures that keep society together? How can we strengthen democracy in follow-up activities back home?

This is what the project aims at: It will inspire participants to make use of their skills, to build up capacities, take over responsibility and to continue their engagement in civil society.


In Kooperation mit: St. Mena Forum for Peace & Development, Beni Suef, Ägypten, Debate Foundation, Amman, Jordanien, Club Culturel Ali Belhouane, Tunis, Tunesien, Student Representation, Vilnius, Litauen, Social and Education Innovations Lab “What for”

Gustav Stresemann Institut in Niedersachsen e.V.

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