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DIGIT-AL Online-Training: Digital Competence as a civic key-competence

17. Mai 2021 bis 4. Jun 2021

The project DIGIT-AL was identifying different aspects of digital transformation that need more awareness of civic education and Human Rights Education. In the same time we see here a potential for especially CIVIC education distinguishing it from only DIGITAL education.


Therefore, we want to explore good practices or also create these and ideate on how to facilitate these (often as "too complex" perceived) topics. This is the basis for helping Europeans to co-discuss and co-create a democratic digital transformation.


Each day/session will be dedicated to each of the aspects:

  • CONCEPT OF DIGITAL COMPETENCE: Main competency frameworks dealing with digital competences. Gaining tips to develop our reference digital competency concept which aims to look beyond the existing frameworks or to build connections between these.
  • IMPACT OF DIGITALISATION ON "THE SELF": How interactions and self perception are changed by digitalisation;
  • NETWORK CULTURE(S): Network culture as a social and technological infrastructure that facilitates social and cultural practices;
  • PLATFORMS, BIG DATA, AI: Learning about key concepts of the new internet from a user, economic, technical and ciotizen perspective
  • ACTIVISM and PARTICIPATION: Civil society activism and digital active participation
  • MEDIA PEDAGOGY: Digital media, media content use and production, social media platforms;
  • PRIVACY/SECURITY: As a transversal aspect. Therefore, the training might be interesting for those in your organisation doing facilitation and developing training concepts.



  • Part I: May 17th–18th 2021
  • Part II: May 26th–27th 2021
  • Part III: June 3rd–4th 2021



The training is facilitated online, since we are not able to organise it like planned in Trento (Italy). However, we will try to make best out of these digital conditions and organise an inteactive, inspiring and collaborative event. We will have three blocks of two days, each 6 hours per day, with online plenary sessions, online/offline groupwork sessions and/or individual offline sessions. The Provisional time schedule is 9:30–12:30 and 14:00–17:00 Brussels time.


Certainly you will receive a certificate of participation.



The insights and reflections from the training will influence our next publication on digital transformation competence, which will be published this year in the Competendo series of handbooks for facilitators. It will deal much more focused with concrete practices of facilitation and education, while the first brochures developed in our project were mainly diving into key topics and their linkage to education (you will find them all here).

Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e.V., International Cooperation Center in Trento (Italy)


Hinweise zur Anmeldung: 
  • Please indicate your interest not later than April 26th 2021 with this tracking-free application form on the DARE Cloud.
  • Ideally you have already thought about digital transformation and also ideas how to include it in Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education.
  • Maybe you have also good practices in mind being worth to be shared?